Bollywood Theme Park at Dubai

Non Bollywood fans look away NOW.

The Bollywood theme park @Dubai:

The theme itself is a winner.
So much fun! (I saw an oldish Sardar clapping his hands in delight when about to embark on a themed ride). Catchy Bollywood songs, both old & new, play all over the park, instantly revving up the feel-good hormone. There are themed rides, Bollywood dance lessons, live shows with fake Sharukh & Salman and lots of things to eat. By the way, I killed Gabbar!!

I feel as if I’ve been on a marijuana trip. I am ready to live in this park happily ever after and had to be dragged out. (Its probably due to the years & years of not having an outlet to let off pent up Bollywood emotions).

Would have loved to have a classic film section, may be in black & white for some old movies. There is so much more that can be added to this or maybe I have an insatiable appetite for Bollywood & cannot get enough.

Bollywood souvenirs disappointed a bit. There is so much potential in this. Still ended up buying a Mughale Azam fridge magnet.

A winner.



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