The Powis Castle


We travelled all the way from Milton Keynes to North Wales for only one reason – to see Powis Castle. This was after reading this article by William Dalrymple, in which he states that Powis Castle “is simply awash with loot from India, room after room of imperial plunder, extracted by the East India Company in the 18th century. There are more Mughal artefacts stacked in this private house in the Welsh countryside than are on display at any one place in India – even the National Museum in Delhi. The riches include hookahs of burnished gold inlaid with empurpled ebony; superbly inscribed spinels and jewelled daggers; gleaming rubies the colour of pigeon’s blood and scatterings of lizard-green emeralds. There are talwars set with yellow topaz, ornaments of jade and ivory; silken hangings, statues of Hindu gods and coats of elephant armour.”


The castle though impressive from the outside was a little underwhelming from the inside. Looking at the collection, the claim that Dalrymple makes about the castle containing more Mughal artefacts than even the National museum in Delhi seems a little doubtful.


The reason why our visit to the Powis Castle was memorable one was for a completely different reason. This was because on the day of our visit, of the many peacocks that were sashaying around the castle, one of them decided to unfurl its glorious plumage. There were cries of delight from amongst the crowd milling around and the place resounded with the clicks of a thousand cameras.

DSC02433 DSC02435 DSC02436 DSC02437



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