Burley village in the New Forest: of witches


 DSC02210  DSC02207 

A witch lived in Burley not long ago. The locals were not very happy to have a witch living in their village and finally she decided to settle in the US. Since then the village came to be associated with witches. There are rumours of a witch coven still holding meetings in the forest. Even the shops here have a similar theme. Some of them even sell spells.

DSC02216 DSC02215

After dining in one of the two village pubs, the first night that we were there, we set off to find our way back to our lodging. There were no street lights and it was pitch dark. Taxis stopped their service at 18:00 itself. Thankfully our lodge had given us a torch and along with the light from our mobile phones, we somehow managed to find our way back through the woods. And no, we did not hear the witches whispering in the woods. They seemed to be taking the night off. And no, not once did I feel unsafe. There is something comfortingly assuring about pretty English villages.

DSC02212 DSC02213

Along with the Lake District, the New Forest is one place in England that I can never get enough of. There is always something new to discover on every visit.

DSC02204 DSC02211

DSC02214 DSC02205



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