England’s prettiest villages- Burton on the water and the Slaughters


Whenever friends or family come over from abroad for a visit, it has become almost obligatory to take them to the villages of Burton on the water, Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter for a visit. These appealing villages never fail to impress those tourists who are seeking the quintessential English Countryside and more than satisfy the mental image that first time visitors have conjured up about England. The village of Burton on the water has everything going for it – a super clean canal that runs through the village, pretty cottages with gardens adorned with flowers, tea rooms serving the English tea with scones, strawberry jam and cream et al, a maze, a model of the village and a bird park for the children, tiny antique shops with quaint goods too expensive to buy, petite ice cream parlours selling fresh organic ice creams and even an old fashioned perfumery which I am yet to visit. If you decide to visit one village in England then make it this one.

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Having visited the village for more times than I can remember, we decided to take in the model of the village, this time around. A replica of the entire village, as it existed in the 1930s, has been created here. It includes all the prominent buildings and houses of the village. So it has the Lloyds bank building. It has two churches with beautiful stained glass windows and you can even hear music if you put your ear to the window. It also has a replica of the model village within the model village itself. It is a wonderful display of craftsmanship and every detail has been taken care of. The windows of the cottages have different curtain displays. Decorative ornaments are displayed on the window sills just like in real cottages. Miniscule chairs and tables are displayed in some gardens. A miniature river runs through the village. Another unique feature of his village is that it has been created by local builders using local material, which are used for building the actual Cotswold cottages.

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In order to recognise the uniqueness, craftsmanship and historical value of the village, it has recently been given a grade 2 listed status by the English Heritage and is probably the only ‘model’ village to be given this status in England.

6 7

The Slaughter villages are my personal favourites and I dare anyone to walk through them without clicking photos. Super clean and having won numerous awards year after year, these villages have remained unchanged, having refused to relinquish their appeal.

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