The Reading gardens

Located at a five minute walk away from my house in the village of Shenley Church End in Milton Keynes are these reading gardens.


As the sign suggests, a reading room stood previously on this site. When the Parish Council obtained control of it, after a gap of nearly eight years it was converted to the reading gardens.


A brilliant concept, I think – but then I am a book lover. I haven’t seen anything like this in any part of the world and now it is almost in my backyard.


The gardens provide a peaceful place for all simply to sit and read. To date, I have never seen anyone use these gardens ever, which is a shame. However considering the British weather you cannot really assign blame. I suspect that the Council had this land on their hands, which was lying vacant and they did not know what to do with it. And so they converted it into a reading garden.


An idea would be to leave books lying around for people to read so that people can pick up a book and return it back after they finish reading and leave some of their own books for others to read thus providing a small element of non-computer aided interactivity to the whole process.


Maybe I will write to the Parish Council with my suggestion. Anything to encourage a love of books.


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