In search of England’s prettiest villages – Lacock


The village of Corsham was included in our list because we had heard that peacocks roamed freely in the town centre. However we decided to drop Corsham at the last moment and went on to Lacock instead. Lacock is very much similar to Castle Combe.


A stream runs through this village as well and the clear water tempts travellers to dip their toes in.



I love the tradition that I observed in these villages, where the goods are displayed outside the house and you can put the money in through the letter box, if you decide to buy something. There were some flowering plants for sale here.


And some books for sale, left outside this house.


There is also the historic Abbey, which we did not have time to visit. I am amazed at the number of historic houses that are found all over England. You turn around a corner and there is a historic mansion waiting for you – all part of the charm of England and the Kingdom in general.


After having seen Lacock, Castle Combe and Bibury, I’m veering towards Bibury at this point. However I have to admit that nothing beats the clean, charming villages of Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter and even Burton-on- water in North Cotswold. But I am not going to make a declaration just yet. The search for England’s prettiest village continues.


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