In search of England’s prettiest village – Bibury

Castle Combe in South Cotswold has been unofficially listed as England’s prettiest village. Late Friday evening, we decided to test this claim. After a hurried Internet surf and a weather reconfirmation, we decided to include the villages of Bibury, Corsham and Lacock in our list of Cotswold villages to peruse.

Early Saturday morning, we set off. Thankfully the weather forecasters had been right this time. The weather was perfect –not too hot, not very cold and a bright sun to top things up. The first halt was Bibury and we parked in this street, just outside the church.



Bibury is certainly a pretty village but is it pretty enough to beat the likes of Upper and Lower Slaughter villages in North Cotswold? We will have to see. After a short walk, we came across this sign.


We headed in the direction of Birbury Trout farm and came across a delightful setting. A tiny stream bubbled through the village and the trout farm was ahead, waiting to be explored. Signs advertising cream teas were suddenly visible. There was greenery all around with the Cotswold stone cottages as a backdrop. Children with their grandparents were walking around a tiny waterfall that had formed in the stream taking full advantage of the good weather.



We decided to visit the trout farm and feed the trouts – now that is a sentence, I never thought I would say. I have never seen so many trout in my life! They actually fight for the food that you put in the water. Put in a single pellet and around thirty come in at once for the feed. I tried to take a picture and managed to take this one.


The trout farm is a good place to visit – enjoyable and informative at the same time. Needless to say, my daughter loved feeding the trout. There are around 8-9 pools of water where the trout are farmed and you can walk around feeding them. It even had a resident swan that was extremely possessive of the nest that it had built. I did not dare take a picture for fear of disturbing it. You can also fish for your own trout if you want.


All in all, a very enjoyable morning and a village that I would like to visit again.


What with the stream, the trout farm and fine weather, Bibury had definitely risen in prettiness stake but there was still Castle Combe to look into, which is where we headed to next.


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