Imperial War Museum Duxford

The gentleman that we talked to told us that he had served in the RAF but because he had glasses could not pilot a plane. He had been so keen to fly that he paid for his own lessons and finally flew for all of seven minutes before his money ran out! He had been volunteering for several years and enjoyed giving information about the aircrafts but often got bored when there were no visitors to talk to.

We were at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. The museum is set in RAF grounds and has numerous iconic aircrafts on display. Ideal to visit on a cold, snowy day, as nearly all the displays are located indoors, though some amount of walking is involved in going from one hangar to the other. There are lots of interactive experiments giving information about aircrafts.

On display is the Concorde, often called the most beautiful plane ever made. You can climb on-board to take a look. We saw the cockpit and the famed Rolls Royce engine for the Concorde. Very friendly and helpful staff, most of them volunteers, who are keen to give information about the aircrafts.

The Battle of Britain exhibition displays key moments of British history during the world war. Especially poignant, was a photograph showing mothers watching their children being taken away during the evacuation. Lots of interesting things on display – the leaflets thrown by Hitler on London asking the Brits to surrender, photos of the Blitz, photos and speeches of Churchill, the war shelters, the ambulances that were used, the sirens and lots more. There is an interesting gift shop, with lots of unusual stuff. Well worth a visit and a good day out.

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