Visiting Disneyland Paris, after outgrowing Mickey

I have visited Disneyland twice. The first time was when I freshly arrived from India to the UK and still believed in the magic of Disneyland. I was young in the era when there were no low cost airlines and visting even a well-known, developed city, still had an element of adventure to it. Therefore for me, it was impossible to even dream  of visting Disneyland from India. When I arrived in the UK and heard that there was a Disney Park in Paris, just an hour long, low-cost flight away, I made up my mind to visit it. We visited during Christmas and though very cold, it managed to satisfy my craving for all that Disney entailed. Simply put, it is a place where everybody comes with the intention of having a good time and since the park is aimed at children, there is still that quality of good, wholesome (though costly) family fun.

When my daughter was of Disneyland visiting age, I struggled with myself. For me, the magic of Disneyland had been long lost by then. I now viewed Disney as a large commercial organisation more than anything else. I would rather children climbed trees than do anything “Disney”. I would rather little girls played football than don costly Disney princess tiaras. However I had to acknowledge the power of the brand. My daughter had never visited the place. Though I was cynical, I was sure that she would enjoy the experience. Disney does manage to get the fun part right. Finally I succumbed to the brand and visited the park again with her. She enjoyed the experience but then forgot about it after a few days. We are now back to enjoying tree-climbing. A few glimpses of what was once a magical place for us.


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